Thank you for choosing Copeland Family Dental for all your dental needs. We have created an environment where you can feel confident in the care you are receiving and comfortable while you are being treated. 

On your first visit, please be prepared to complete insurance and health forms that will help us ensure the safest and most efficient care possible for you and your family. Your initial exam will last approximately one to one-and-a-half hours. In this time we will get acquainted with each other and learn your desires for your overall oral and facial health and well-being. We will thoroughly review your medical history and take a blood pressure reading. In most cases X-rays will be taken to examine current bone health, teeth position, and screen for tooth decay. A complete oral facial exam will be completed. This will include oral cancer screening, TMJ screening, gum health screening, and dental exam. In most cases a cleaning will be performed during this appointment. If further treatment is needed we will discuss treatment options that best fit your needs.

We strongly believe that your oral facial health ties directly with your overall health, and the best way to achieve a great result is great communication. We promise to do our best in communicating openly with you about any current conditions or foreseeable conditions that may arise in the future. In turn, we trust that you will be open with us in what you want in your dental health. Working together, we can accomplish the ultimate goal of ours and yours—a beautiful healthy smile!


We welcome your child to our office for the very first time by scheduling them a “Happy Visit.” Our staff will help your child get acclimated to our office by:

  • Counting their teeth
  • Teaching them about dental instruments we use during treatment
  • Giving them a new toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss to use at home
  • Letting them pick a prize from our treasure chest
  • Taking their picture with their dentist to capture their first visit to the dentist!
  • Meeting our mascot, Dexter the Dino
  • Picking a prize from the treasure chest or a balloon
Learn what to expect at your first visit to Copeland Family Dental.