Gum disease simply is the negative response of your gum tissue and bone to the bacterial plaque, usually manifesting in irritation and inflammation. Signs of gingivitis include red gum tissue and bleeding upon brushing or flossing.

The root cause to most gum disease is bacterial plaque and calculus. The buildup of these comes from inadequate brushing and flossing. Even the best brushers/flossers don't get everything; this is why it is important to maintain regular visits to our Highlands Ranch, CO dentist.

If gingivitis goes unchecked, eventually it will lead to periodontitis. Signs of periodontitis include recession, bleeding, bone loss, and eventually loosening of the teeth.


Dr. Amy, Dr. Heath and our team understand that every patient is unique. Therefore, we will always base our recommendation of preventive care on the individual. Many factors help us shape the treatment of gum disease, including health, hygiene, diet, and existing dental conditions. Typical treatments include:

  • Non-surgical treatments such as scaling and root planning (deep cleaning)
  • Referral for Periodontal surgery if necessary
  • Referral for Laser gum surgery if necessary


The best way to prevent gum disease is to brush twice a day for two minutes (using an electric toothbrush like a Sonicare is ideal), floss once a day, and make routine visits to our Highlands Ranch dental office. While diet and a healthy lifestyle can positively affect your periodontal health, hygiene will always be the main contributing factor to having healthy gums.

Copeland Family Dental treats gum disease.