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Dr. Amy recommends you follow the following guidelines if you have sensitive teeth:

-Brush and floss regularly
Keeping your teeth and gums clean can help prevent receding gums which often lead to root sensitivity.  Roots of teeth are sensitive because they are made of soft cementum instead of hard enamel.
-Don't brush too hard or too often
Aggressively scrubbing your teeth and gums with your toothbrush or more frequently than your dentist recommends can contribute to gum recession and wear your enamel. When you brush your enamel away you get exposed dentin and tooth sensitivity.
-Use a softer toothbrush
A softer toothbrush can help to reduce the effects of pushing too hard when brushing and help to protect your enamel and gums.
-Use toothpaste for sensitive teeth
Sensitivity toothpastes can provide daily relief from pain due to sensitivity when used twice a day. Enamel and dentin look like a sponge in a microscope. You need potassium nitrate found in sensitivity toothpaste to plug those holes to keep teeth less sensitive. For very sensitive teeth trying putting some of the paste on your finger and rubbing it into that part of the tooth.
-Visit us regularly for exams and cleanings
We can advise you if you are brushing too hard since we chart out your gum recession. Also, we can clean the plaque and tarter off hard to reach spots preventing recession.
-Make sure you are not grinding your teeth
Grinding causes thinning or loss of the enamel. The dentin which is under the enamel is the insulator for the nerve and has larger holes than the enamel. Exposed dentin can be very sensitive because air and liquids can penetrate those holes.  Come in and see us about a night guard if you grind your teeth-we make ones that will surprise you how comfortable they are to wear.

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On a recent trip Dr. Amy volunteered a bit of her time reading to the Medina Children's Library in Morocco. As she read The Very Hungry Caterpillar (one of their daughter Channing's favorites) the librarian translated it into Arabic. The kids tried to guess what Amy's profession was-most guessed a teacher but one fellow was certain she works as a police woman. They were very excited to find out she is a dentist. Of course, she helped them a bit with some simple English but also took the opportunity to teach them about dental health.

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Where are the Drs. Copeland spending their weekend? Friday and Saturday from 8am-5pm they are completing continuing education. Every year Dr. Heath and Dr. Amy attend courses to keep Copeland Family Dental on the cutting edge of dentistry. They attend courses about white composite fillings, types of crown materials, tooth sensitivity, dentures, teeth grinding and much more.  This weekend part of their tuition is being donated to the Colorado Mission of Mercy which provides free dental care for those in need!

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Dr. Amy had the pleasure of visiting some great students at Plum Creek Academy in Highlands Ranch-a school for students with special needs.  We have partnered Plum Creek for Give Kids a Smile-an American Dental Association program to foster dental education.  The Plum Creek students had on the job training packing dental bags.  This week we went into the school to say thank you and do some tooth games!  These students loved making play-doh teeth!  We look forward to partnering with them again next year!

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The Copeland Family Dental Cavity Defenders made a stop this week at Eldorado Elementary School for Tooth Talk in celebration of Children's Dental Health Month. A big thanks to Eldorado for welcoming us back for our third year! We dressed the kindergarteners up as little dentists, taught them about sugar, let them make play-doh molars, showed them proper brushing techniques, let them see a real filling being done and showed them the Crest Cavity Defenders movie. We shared our dental love with them by ensuring each of the 477 Eldorado students has a new toothbrush to get excited about their dental health!

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Annually Copeland Family Dental supports a cause near and dear to our hearts.  It is the Brandon & Paul Foundation that supports educational programs for young drivers that focus on the importance of making good decisions and safe driving habits.  Paul and Brandon were killed in a one-car accident on High Grade Road in Jefferson County, Colorado on July 13, 2006.  The boys were not wearing their seat belts at the time of the accident.  Three other boys, who were in the back seat and wearing seat belts, survived with minor injuries.  We at Copeland Family Dental are proud sponsors of the annual Wall-Bop Golf Tournament held each July.  Together we can save lives!

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Did you know that in the Denver metro area we are blessed with a great network of CSAs-Community Supported Agriculture.  How does a CSA work? It is a group of members who have pledged to support one or more local farms.   This means that growers and consumers then share the risks and benefits of fruit, veggie and herb production.  Clean healthy eating is a good step in the right direction towards total health-and this includes your oral health, too.  Drs. Amy and Heath Copeland love getting fresh organically grown food delivered to their neighborhood by Lora's Nourishing Produce.  They have learned to cook with a plethora of new foods, introduced their toddler to all sorts of delicious veggies, perfected the art of freezing extras and loved less trips to the grocery store.  The Drs. Copeland love supporting small business and their local CSA.

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What is Dr. Amy and Dr. G Heath's favorite winter activity???  You guessed it SKIING!  The whole Copeland family is now on skis-even their 4 year old daughter Channing.  Something they have learned about at high altitude is barodontalgia-tooth pain caused by a change in atmospheric pressure.  Scuba divers and pilots are know to have problems with this and so are adventurists in the high altitude Rocky Mountains.  The most common sources of this type of tooth pain are dental cavities, defective fillings, gum disease and tooth nerve issues.  The Copelands have joined forces with Peakescape and offer free telephone consultations for mountain dental emergencies.

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Topdentists says area clinicians were asked "If you had a patient in need of a dentist, which dentist would you refer him or her to?"  For this peer reviewed award "respondents were asked to consider experience, continuing education, chairside manner with patients, use of new techniques and technologies, and physical results".  Drs. Heath and Amy Copeland are very proud to both have been picked for this distinction as 5280 Top Dentists 2016.

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Drs. Heath and Amy Copeland put personal health at the top of their priorities. There is a growing body of evidence to support a link between dental health and general health.  Drs. Heath and Amy Copeland enjoy staying physically fit.  Recently Dr. Heath scored a 96% on his annual USAF Fitness Test and Dr. Amy is usually training for some triathlon, cycling or running event.  What is their secret?  Dr. Heath says it is being on a regular schedule with running and weight training.  He even does sit ups and push ups when they are on vacation and he is does not have access to a gym.  Dr. Amy says her secret is training with her good friend Laura at Bodhi Pilates. So find what motivates you, get out in our beautiful state of Colorado and get that heart pumping.

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